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As far as early fans go, they are common enough so they can be found at a somewhat high but still affordable cost.

They have been named "pancake" by collectors due to their relatively thin but large diameter motor.

In the figure below, KB means Kelly Bushing, RT means Rotary Table, DF means Derrick Floor, EOB is for End of Build (i.e., the point at which the Building ends and we either hold or drop the wellbore path).

Rectangular coordinates of a target are usually given in feet/meters North/South and East/West of the local reference point.

The azimuth of a wellbore at any point is defined as the direction of the wellbore on a horizontal plane measured clockwise form a north reference.So if you CO more or less, just always do your increases and decreases at the very center of the row. You’ll also need to make a buttonhole on the row before your bind off.The easiest way to think about the knitting part of this pattern, is that you only ever do anything different to the stitches right in the center of a row and the rest is always worked in the rib pattern. Bobble for center (knitted) - with size 10 knitting needles, CO 1, kfb until you have 4 stitches, k 1 row, p 1 row, k 1 row, p 1 row, k 1 row, do not turn, lift second stitch over the first, then the third and then the fourth, fasten off first stitch.19.5" long and 5" wide at widest part (the length can be adjusted to fit your head size by adding or subtracting rows in the middle section where you're just doing rib and not increasing or decreasing) You will begin with 7 stitches, increase on the middle stitch if the row has an odd number of stitches and between the middle 2 stitches if your row has an even number of stitches.You will increase on every RS row for 6.25”, knit in pattern 4.5”, then decrease back down--again, always on that middle stitch. If you choose not to do it, you may want to add a few more stitches to begin with to make the headband wider and knit a few extra rows in the center to make it a bit longer.

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