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Her head was tilted back causing her blonde hair to cascade and encircle her face, while long creamy legs were splayed open, leaving no ambiguity over what she was after. "Good, now stop enjoying yourself and allow me my turn." Kneeling between her open legs, he inserted the plastic dildo into her and hit the vibration button."I've ordered the toys in terms of my expectations. Anything less than three will lead me to believe that you're not even trying and slackers get punishments, not rewards. The thing immediately buzzed to life, and Sarah started to moan.Sarah kissed him deeply one more time before turning over and falling asleep. As she snuggled under the covers, she called over her shoulder, "Feel free to use one of my new toys if you get desperate." Xavier laid there, dick pulsating with need as Sarah's naked body relaxed with the sweet feeling of release.

"I'm here to serve you in every way," as he bent over her body, face so close to her heat he could just about run his tongue over her. " she shouted, pushing him away "You don't deserve a taste just yet." "But, I wanted to make sure you were wet enough," he protested. Put that dildo in your mouth and suck on it," she ordered, prodding at him with her toes. The line up of gadgets dwindled down to just one, and it was time she had some fun.No need for their regular tango of two lovers undressing one another, they had business to tend to tonight.Xavier followed behind, dumping the contents of the bags onto the bed.Xavier stopped in his tracks and eyed a deadly pair of strappy black stilettos with a six-inch heel. Pulling him down the aisles until she finally encountered what she was in search of, a vibrator. Carefully tucking the sales receipt into her purse, she dumped the two sizeable white shopping bags and her oversized gold tote into Xavier's arms. I'm too excited to wait a minute longer," she purred.The possibilities were infinite, and she was both frustrated and excited at the selection. "You're the one who has to use them all on me tonight," she coyly smiled. As they stood on the city street, Xavier struggled to hail a cab and manage all the bags.

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