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Emmett Plant (former Slashdot editor as well as video interviewee) writes: Legend of the Red Dragon was written by Seth Robinson in 1989, and it remains one of the most popular games of the DOS BBS era.Chris England has been doing his part to keep the game alive for the past twelve years, adapting an installation that runs on Linux.For example, in our environment there is no carrier detection.

This was necessary in order to sanitize some undesirable input with a script that could make decisions and manipulate the packet contents in some cases.I ignored the first few requests, but eventually caved to my loyal regulars and installed it.My first time "playing" it was actually just to test to see if it worked.Had I have been more inquisitive and known it was an interactive text based RPG about slaying dragons, I would have installed--and played it--much earlier.EP: With many years of fine tuning and automation, it has become very easy to manage.

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