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Genre: Mature, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi Yukimura got kicked out of home because he was the son of a mistress and his dad passed away.After going abroad to cope, he then applied for this job to be a waiter at a resort.Rating: 6.76 (1 votes)Activity: Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural BOZEBEATS is a "priest expelling demons action" story that centers on a priest (bōzu) who lives alone on a strange mountain, when he meets a young man who was raised by wolves.

Saki dj - eat My Heart Sakigake Otokojuku Sakitcho Dakedemo Sakoku Ren'ai Sakon - Sengoku Fuuunroku Saku Love Sakura Discord Sakura Gari Sakura Hira Hira Sakura Irony Sakura Juuyuushi Sakura Namiki Sakura Omoi Sakura Rhythm Sakura Ryou March Sakura Sakura (Morishige)Sakura Taisen Sakura Taisen Kanadegumi Sakura Trick Sakura Trick dj - Sakura Trick Anthology Comic Sakura Tsuushin Sakura Yuki Sakura Zensen Sakura no Hiji Sakura no Himegoto Sakura no Ichiban!Yukimura pictured fancy bowties, music, and trees by the poolside.However, day one he finds out hes working at a traditional Japanese inn with a rather cold boss. Sannin Gurashi Sanshirou²Sanshou wa Kotsubu de Santa Santa (Silyeong)Santa Claus Panic! Sangokushi Sanjin Sadou Sankarea Sannengo no Hatsukoi.

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Its a female profession because its said that they provide the care and attention that only women have.)Rating: 6.99 (17 votes)Activity: Genre: Romance, Yaoi Spin-off of Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo----------------------------------------------------Kamisawa is in the business of cutting the red string of fate, freeing his clients from people they may be destined to be with.

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