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And since her ad made it clear that she wasn’t expecting just hand-holding, her dates zipped from first base to home plate in record time.Juska is a totally engaging, perceptive writer, funny and frank about her exploits. I wouldn’t hurl rocks at a senior citizen, at least not that one.Jane Juska’s game plan to “have a lot of sex with a man I like” really meant “have some sex but lots more drama with a few mediocre men who often belittle me, and I’ll travel mindlessly and expensively around the country to do so”. Or shit-can the boots and down coat, it’s NYC for Christ’s sake. When she does get around to speaking about her sexual escapdes I felt they were under detailed (compared to other passages), rushed through and left me confus Self-indulgent and too self-depricating, Jane jumps on the opportunity to write about her life which is not that enthralling or extraordinary.Expecting the erotic quest of a normal woman celibate for thirty years now sowing her wild oats, I ended up questioning both her motives and her sanity. Juska teaches prison inmates but won't "date down". The book advertises itself as being about her sexual escapdes due to her advert, but 70% of the book is about her naiveness (not only in sex but in all domains of life), her family and her teaching.Then again maybe she would have dated a homunculus, if he read Trollope. First, advertising in the NYT Book Review personals (and mentioning Trollope, no less) for a vigorous sex partner? She shuns Regular Guys, a potential goldmine of sex partners. Was her need to find an "intellectual" match simply fear of rejection by said Regular Guys? I do not understand how this book is a motiviation or inspiration for other women.I ask this because, most disturbing to me as a fifty-year-old newly single dating member of the American female species, she does nothing to prepare herself. No mention of any spa visits, bikini waxing, makeovers, hair styling, nothing except buying that red nightie. In her sexual escapdes she never took charge or empowered herself, she always allowed the men to do as they please and treat her as they wished. It seems she used all her prowess and courage to place the ad, then deflated into a horny needy woman. Jane Juska was my first master teacher when I was getting my teaching credential.And the visuals of her over and over in NYC with static hair, bulky down coat, boots, and sweaty sloppy sweater were too much. This memoir definitely showed her in a new light, and I could hear her voice in every chapter.

Through placing the ad, she gives herself permission, after years of celibacy, to have sex.She jumped topics so frequently, talked about multiple men in the same sentence, and didn't explain people enough for me to keep them straight. The cover of Jane Juska’s book features a newspaper personal ad that reads: “Before I Turn 67—next March—I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like.She quoted authors too much, talked about her younger years, in which (I thought) she was a terrible wife and mother, doped up on drugs all the time, but then she expects me to sympathize because she missed the touch of a man? If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me.” This personal ad reveals much about what lies between the covers of A Round-Heeled Woman: My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance: a sexual romp and an exploration of aging and womanhood, imbued with a literary sensibility and a boisterous sense of humor.Juska’s candid memoir is a lively read that draws you in for the sex and has you stay for the wisdom, charm, and poignancy—well, okay, you might be staying for the sex, too.As the ad that Berkeley-ite Juska places in The New York Review of Books implies, she may have retired from high school teaching, but she’s not ready to retire from life.

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