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The Conduit App is a delivery mechanism and is most likely an email program, web browser, or another kind of app that allows users to receive and download any pass.The conduit app is expected to display the icon, localized name, and organization name.There are also no facilities to generate a new pass on the device; you must obtain it from somewhere else such as your web service.

One important thing to note is that you must include the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations intermediate certificate, downloaded from WWDR, when signing passes.

If you would like to learn about the Pass Kit framework and how to use it in your companion app, please read part 1 of this tutorial.

The Server is the backbone behind the pass ecosystem, it provides the functionality to remotely create, deliver, and update a pass via push notifications.

When a device makes a web service request that requires authorization using a passes authentication token, the request header will contain an Authorization field, with the value "Apple Pass ".

Updating the pass is a song and dance between three parties – the user’s device, Apple’s servers, and your servers.

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